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A nurse first

One of Rachel Bard’s former bosses, the premier of New Brunswick at the time, would introduce her first as a nurse, and then as a deputy minister. Over the last 42 years, Bard has held senior positions on the provincial and national stages, but she has always stayed true to the fundamentals of...

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October 2013 Q&A  Comments

"Never give up"

Street nurse Bonnie Fournier fought for justice for society’s most vulnerable For five years, registered psychiatric nurse Bonnie Fournier was senior nurse on the Downtown Eastside Health Outreach Van, which patrolled the notorious Vancouver neighbourhood from early afternoon to 2 a.m., seven...

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Baby friendly

Introducing kangaroo care to Canada is just one of Kathy Hamelin’s accomplishments Kathy Hamelin recalls the first time she told a mother it was OK to hold the tiny son she had only previously touched with a finger through a portal in an incubator. The baby, weighing just three pounds, had...

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