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Keep it neutral

I was disappointed with “How to Overcome Nurse-Patient Conflict with Confidence” (Speak Up!, January). While the author’s comments are valid in terms of process steps, her suggestion that nurses adopt a power pose (hands on their hips) to prepare themselves is, in my opinion,...

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Important lessons

“Honouring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (Ask an Expert, January) was a well-written piece on a timely topic. Situating the discussion within a framework of cultural competence, the author effectively highlights the importance of nursing sensitivity, respect, humility and...

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Community building

As I am a member of Harbourside Senior Cohousing, a community under construction outside of Victoria, I read the first instalment of The Seniors Series, on age-friendly communities, with interest. Cohousing communities began over 50 years ago in Denmark, and the idea has been spreading throughout...

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On integrated care

I have been practising in acute care for over 36 years — for the last 15 as a discharge planning coordinator in a medium-sized hospital in New Brunswick. I read with great interest Gina Browne’s observations and findings on the importance of the integration of health and social services...

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