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In the March issue, the President’s Message (“A Momentous Decision”) spoke about the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on physician-assisted death. In explaining the legislative context, we pointed out that Quebec is the only province to have developed legislation on medical...

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The words we use

I just wanted to comment on the Feedback response (March) from Maureen Wallace, in which she used the term frequent flyers. I was surprised (actually shocked) that you would print such a thing. This label goes against all that we as nurses try to accomplish. Looking back at the Nurse to Know profile...

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My daughter is a teacher, and she was thrilled to find “March 22 is World Water Day” (Calculations) and “Building Rapport to Save Lives” (On the Job) in the March issue. I am encouraged to see that our magazine is also speaking to others. Keep up the good work! –...

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