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February 2014 CEO Outlook  Comments
Think Health

Think Health

In this video, CEO Anne Sutherland Boal and senior nurse advisor Lisa Ashley talk about how RNs are promoting “health in all policies” — the idea that all public policies, programs and laws, regardless of their direct relation to health care, should be developed with consideration of their potential impact on health.

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January 2014 CEO Outlook  Comments


CEO Outlook: Thank you Saying “thanks” is perhaps an odd opener for my first column as the new CEO, but for me it’s an important message. Having been a registered nurse for more than 40 years, I’ve had opportunities to work with nurses in different provinces, settings and...

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October 2013 CEO Outlook  Comments

Making progress

There’s no doubt our health-care system needs major improvements. I’m proud to share how CNA is working with nurses and other partners to bring about meaningful changes. We’re partnering with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions to identify strategies to promote quality patient...

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