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Since the COVID-19 global pandemic began, Canadian Nurse has been publishing your research, experiences and commentary to keep you informed and supported through these challenging times. Articles in each category below are sorted by date (most recently published first).


We are all essential: reinforcing the collective value of nurses
How an unspoken hierarchy was exposed by COVID-19

“Nurses are everywhere” in the health system, and they know how to make it better
It’s time nursing expertise was called on in the policy response to COVID-19

I’ve been with many patients as they die; here’s why non-verbal communication is so important
Gaze into their eyes, hold their hands to comfort them in ‘final connections’

How expansion of remote monitoring was a win-win for patients and care providers
Alberta’s success story in increasing virtual assessments of cardiac devices

Nursing ethics provides guidance during the pandemic crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic has created new and complicated moral dilemmas for many nurses. The author addresses some of the ethical issues that nurses are facing, and offers guidance on how to deal with them.

Connected mobile nurses: virtual nursing care in the era of COVID-19
Often, telephone health lines and websites direct callers to a predetermined and sometimes impersonal response. Connecting telephone callers directly to a nurse could provide health advice that is personalized and responsive to their specific needs.

Workplace exposure to COVID-19: a critical care nurse’s experience
Grappling with the new occupational risks stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic, one critical care nurse shares her personal experience with exposure and the impact of that exposure on her mental health.


My vaccine filled me with pride for nursing & made me realize that ‘I still need to be a nurse’
Semi-retired, but with a renewed passion for the caring profession

‘I was blindsided by the rate at which COVID-19 spread,’ northern B.C. nurse says
On the ground in an Indigenous community during the pandemic

Long-term care is not ‘broken’: manager finds hope at her facility during the pandemic
Nurse praises LTC staff for acts of kindness that make residents happy

‘Most scared, most alone I’ve ever felt’: a nurse shares what it’s like to get COVID-19
39-year-old palliative care nurse faced his own life-and-death decision

Learning on the front lines: student nurse resilience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
Dire circumstances yield unique opportunities for growth

Here’s what I’ve learned after beginning a chief nursing executive role during COVID-19
My reflections on jumping head-first into a critical leadership position

Even nurses need nursing: what I didn’t expect when expecting during COVID-19
My experience of a high-risk pregnancy during the pandemic

Gerontological expert nurse has ‘moral distress’ as personal and professional lives intersect
Experience of older family member in long-term care causes sadness, anger

Research in nursing: a surprising student placement during the COVID-19 pandemic
How an RN-to-be learned to embrace a sudden change in her curriculum

Even nurses need nursing: what I didn’t expect when expecting during COVID-19
My experience of a high-risk pregnancy during the pandemic

Who is steering the ship? An acute care nurse’s reflection on community palliative care
More leadership and investment is needed to care for patients at home

Long-term care manager struggles to balance residents’ quality and quantity of life
Restricting visitors has helped keep everyone safe, but at what cost?

I am proud to be a nurse and not an angel
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged nurses, but it has also greatly increased appreciation for nurses around the globe. However, the author cautions against the notion of nurses as angels and reminds us that they are skilled, knowledge-based practitioners.

COVID-19: a new normal that’s about social responsibility
The author discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic may influence a “new normal,” with more emphasis on social and personal responsibility for taking measures toward curbing infectious diseases.

Nurse to Know

Amidst COVID protocols, one emergency nurse finds new ways to communicate support
Vaccine brings ‘wary hopefulness’ for nursing practice to return to normal

Gerontological expert nurse has ‘moral distress’ as personal and professional lives intersect
Experience of older family member in long-term care causes sadness, anger

Canadian nurses run the COVID-19 ‘marathon’ in Los Angeles
Experience at the bedside between Canada and U.S. remarkably similar

Sonya Grypma takes on ‘awesome responsibility’ of university’s COVID-19 response
Trinity Western’s ‘compassionate problem-solvers’ find solutions

A nurse’s crusade to bring evidence-based treatment to substance use
Cheyenne Johnson focused on improving addiction care in B.C.

‘If you see an injustice you fight it … You find ways to unite people to do the right thing’
Natalie Stake-Doucet speaks up for Quebec’s nurses and long-term care

Tundra, tropics, and COVID-19: Lois Chetelat’s remarkable career
In this instalment of the Nursing 2020 profile series, we introduce Lois Chetelat, a Canadian nurse whose career has taken her to northern Canada, Central America, and Asia, caring for the disadvantaged in dangerous and frightening circumstances. At 80, her concern for those in need is still evident as she volunteers to screen staff for COVID-19 in a long-term care home.

From tent camps to die-ins: the importance of activism for nurses and patients
This month in the Nursing 2020 profile series, we introduce Corey Ranger, a nurse advocate who has dedicated his career to working with disadvantaged populations and speaking out on the inequities in our health care system.

From the Editors

After a year of COVID-19, this National Nursing Week brings much to celebrate and consider
CNA president Tim Guest reflects on past and pending challenges

‘Do unto others’
Nurses must act against racism and create a better future for everyone

On the importance of nurses in 2020
CNA president Claire Betker reflects on the significance of 2020, the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife—and the significance of how nurses around the world have responded to the pandemic crisis.

Voice for the vulnerable
Nurses are uniquely positioned to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Now, the pandemic shines a spotlight on an issue that nurses have given voice to for years—the need for adequate staffing in long-term care.

It is not business as usual—change of plans and a burning building
Nurses are at the core of care in the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating their preparedness, courage, and resilience.

For additional information and resources, visit the Canadian Nurses Association’s COVID-19 web pages.

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