Transformation at CNA House

March / April 2018   Comments

Transforming any business to deliver new programs and services means having a hard look at work teams, performance and the skill sets needed to build in new directions. Jim Collins, who led the Good to Great study, talks about this as making sure you have the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats.

On behalf of members, CNA is undergoing the tough work of reorganizing teams, structures, roles and functions. Fortunately, staff members have dug in and are working hard to take on new duties and find their feet.

To help organize our thinking about the kinds of services you have been asking for, and that we anticipate needing, CNA operations now fall under three main pillars: professional nursing practice, nursing leadership, and public policy and advocacy. To deliver the services, we will operate as three well-integrated teams:

  • Carolyn Pullen leads Programs and Policy, which includes the Credentialing Centre (formerly Certification), Professional Development, Nursing Practice and Policy, and Public Policy. Canadian Nurse, government relations, communications and research also fall within this dynamic team.

    We are lucky to have Pat Elliott-Miller staying on as executive lead for the Credentialing Centre while expanded work is underway related to exams for nurses in other regulated categories as well as our growing international program. The Credentialing Centre also manages our busy 46-member Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties.
  • Donna Dewar leads Innovation and Engagement. This team is responsible for Information Technology and Services, Business Transformation, Production Services and Customer Excellence.
  • Joanne Lauzon leads Finance and Performance, which includes Talent and Payroll, Accounting, Corporate Partnerships and Corporate Services.

Within my own sphere of work are Governance and Strategy, accountability for CNA’s performance and, in tandem with the Programs and Policy team, development of a leadership pillar — an exciting new area for me personally!

I wanted all of you to know we are putting the structures in place to support the transformation that lies ahead. I am proud to say that the team at 50 Driveway is talented, fun-loving and deeply committed to the success of CNA and Canadian nursing. I look forward to showing them off at the biennial convention!

Mike Villeneuve, RN, M.Sc.

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