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Choral singing and hockey, two of my favourite things, require significant teamwork to accomplish desired outcomes. Can you imagine listening to Mozart’s Requiem without the altos or tenors? Watching Hockey Night in Canada if the goalies stayed home? These examples may seem nonsensical, but the impact of having every team member contributing to success is as important in the world of nursing.

In the choir, the sopranos take the high notes and the basses come in where no one else can. On the hockey team, the defence protect their zone and pass up to the forwards who are racing to the net. In clinical settings, our work in teams supports safe, quality patient care, and we assign resources to make sure the needs of specific patient populations are met in an appropriate way. At the end of the day, because of this coordination, something magnificent happens: a musical moment for the choir, a winning goal for the hockey team and better health for patients and families.

The profession is #StrongerTogether when we can speak as a united national voice to get things done: support a national dementia strategy, present on the importance of a national palliative care framework, influence federal legislation to remove barriers to practice for NPs and bring a Canadian perspective to the International Council of Nurses. A national professional association is not just a “nice to do” — it is essential for moving the profession forward and making a real difference for the health of Canadians. All nurses in Canada need a united voice, and CNA is the way to make that happen.

How do we keep CNA vibrant and ready for action to support the profession and advocate for a healthy nation? By proposing a bylaw change to open membership to all regulated nursing groups, offering a variety of services for different groups of nurses (recognizing that one size does not fit all), ensuring that our jurisdictional members are supported, and demonstrating respect, transparency and integrity. CNA wants to create that future — for nurses and for Canadians — and is on the move to do just that. We have our history to support us and the excitement of our vision to pull us forward.

Wishing you all the best during National Nursing Week!

Barb Shellian, RN, BN, MN

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