Moving into a new season

September / October 2017   Comments

One of the pleasures of my previous role at the University of Toronto was the annual ritual of early fall on campus. The air fills with a mix of nervousness and optimism about the hard work, new relationships and rewards that lay ahead. There is a certain magic about those days, when everything seems like something of a fresh start.

I feel some of that buzz in the air at CNA as we transition to fall. I spent the summer finding my feet in the CEO role. I have been meeting with each staff member individually and with each operational team. I spent two days with our directors, and we spoke frankly about CNA today and, based on trends and member feedback, what new directions should lie ahead.

CNA must be the strong hub of professional nursing in Canada. We need to grow our programs, networks and relationships to support nurses so they can continue to make a real impact on the lives of Canadians. The messages I am hearing from our board, operational teams and members across Canada are strongly encouraging. It has been uplifting to hear staff, in all roles, talk about how much they love CNA. They know CNA must continue to transform so that it is sustainable for the years ahead, and they are encouraged by the new visions and directions. 

We must focus sharply on new and different services and deliver them in ways that are accessible, effective, timely and affordable. I hear strong support for being more inclusive of services that meet the needs of many providers who deliver care. All the messages talk about collaboration, partnerships, welcoming and engaging new members — and offering programs and services to help nurses make a difference in the lives of Canadians. There is a sense of movement percolating in the air.

When she was CNA president (1966-1967), Katherine MacLaggan pushed CNA to think big. Fifty years later, we are thinking big and thinking smart, targeting the kinds of program priorities that members say they need and basing them in a business model that we hope will sustain the organization for the future. 

Stay tuned here for updates as the months move along. And please consider joining us in Ottawa for the 110th-anniversary meeting next June, where we will share major announcements about the future of CNA. Now, like students across the country, let’s get down to work!

Mike Villeneuve, RN, M.Sc.

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