Jul 03, 2017

Calculations: July 28 is World Hepatitis Day

1.34 million: Number of deaths worldwide each year as a result of viral hepatitis (source)

96%: Percentage of all hepatitis mortality caused by types B and C (source)

US$0.50: Starting cost of a test for an initial diagnosis of viral hepatitis (source)

22%: Percentage increase in mortality worldwide from viral hepatitis since 2000 (source)

7th: Rank of viral hepatitis as a leading cause of death and disability worldwide (source)

257 million: Number of people worldwide with hepatitis B (source)

71 million: Number of people worldwide with hepatitis C (source)

9% or 20%: Percentage of those with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, respectively, who have been tested and know their status (source)

>16: Number of hours the hepatitis C virus can live outside the body at room temperature on environmental surfaces (source)

600,000: Estimated number of Canadians affected by hepatitis B and C (source)

1st: Ranking of hepatitis C as the cause of liver transplants in Canada (source)

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