Nurses appointed to the Order of Canada

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Created to celebrate the country’s centennial in 1967, the Order of Canada “is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.”

During its 50-year history, more than a hundred nurses have been appointed to the order, for their contributions in health care, social sciences, politics and public service. Their names are listed here under each of the order’s three levels:

Member (CM)

Recognizing outstanding contributions at the local or regional level or in a special field of activity

Carolyn Acker
Augusta Barter
Myra M. Bennett
Jeanne Besner
Sœur Jeanne-d’Arc Bouchard
Barbara Bromley
Maureen Dunphy Brown
Pauline P. Brown
Susan Calne
Elaine Carty
Rae Chittick
Christina Cole
M. Dorothy Corrigan
Thérèse Couturier Robitaille
Marion Dewar
Vera Elizabeth Dewar
Alba DiCenso
Madeleine Dion Stout
Beverly Witter Du Gas
Suzanne (Shannie) Duff
Gertrude Dyck
Carole Anne Estabrooks
Sister Mary (Hennebury) Fabian
Mary Ferguson-Paré
Shirley Freer
Andrée Dalcourt Gauvin
Josephine Gibbons
Patricia T. Guyda
Mary Jo Haddad
Kathryn Jane Nightingale Hannah
Margaret (Meg) G. Hickling
E. Prudence Hockin
Leah Hollins

Major Margaret M. Hunter
Jane L. Hutchings
Mary Ellen Jeans
Sue Johanson
Gilles Kègle
Sister Mona Kelly
Pierrette Lambert
Louise Lévesque
Daurene E. Lewis
Clara Yee Lim
Millicent Loder
Kathleen Mary Jo Lutley
Dorothy A. Macham
Louise Y. Maheu
Edith E. Manuel
Vera E. McIver
Marvelle McPherson
Sister Cécile J.G. Montpetit
Geraldine Nakonechny
Patricia O’Connor
Margaret Ruth Page
Jeannine Pelland
Evelyn Agnes Pepper
Révérende Sœur Claire Perreault
Margot Phaneuf
Edith B. Pinet
Elizabeth Macdonald Podnieks
Shirley Post
Edith May Radley
Helena F. Reimer
Sister Simone Roach
Vera Roberts
Anne G. Ross
Révérende Sœur Thérèse Saint-Bertrand
Juliette A. St-Pierre
Margaret Sinn
Lt.-Col. (Ret’d) Harriet (Hallie) J. Sloan
Sister Margaret Smith
Margaret M. Street
Donna Patricia Summerhayes
Constance Alexa Swinton
Robyn Tamblyn
F. Elva Taylor
Francine Thibeault
Révérende Sœur Eveline Tremblay
Anne H. Wieler
D. Ethel Williams
Clotilda Adessa Yakimchuk

Officer (OC)

Recognizing national service or achievement

Moyra Allen
Elisabeth Carrier
Lyle Creelman
Susan French
Alice Girard
Helen Preston Glass
Jean Goodwill
Margaret H. Hilson
Audrey Jakeman
Jean Cecilia Leask
Révérende Sœur Denise Lefebvre
Révérende Sœur Marie Lemire
Ginette Lemire Rodger
Helen McArthur
Dorothy M. Pringle
Ann Louise Schulman
Verna Huffman Splane
Shirley Marie Stinson

Companion (CC)

Recognizing national pre-eminence or international service or achievement

Huguette Labelle
Helen K. Mussallem

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