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Forensic focus

In May 2015, Canadian Nurse published an article highlighting my career in forensic nursing. I am so very appreciative of the interest generated in this unique field and specialty because of that Nurse to Know profile. Then, CNA’s 2016 National Nursing Week poster featured forensic nursing, doing even more to raise awareness. Thank you, Canadian Nurse and CNA, for these initiatives.

I have been an RN for more than four decades and am so glad I chose this wonderful, demanding, fulfilling and challenging profession. I have never had a dull day in my nursing career!

– Sheila Early, RN, BScN
Surrey, B.C.

Update from a Nurse to Know

When I was interviewed in 2010 by Canadian Nurse (Nurse to Know, November), I said I hoped to obtain a master’s degree within five to six years. I continued to work for Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre as a community health nurse until summer 2013, when I was accepted into a dual master’s degree program at Vancouver Island University and the University of Hertfordshire. It was one of the biggest challenges I’ve taken on. I had not been in school for many years, but I managed to carry six courses per semester while still working up to 30 hours a week as an HIV/harm reduction nurse at Nanaimo and Area Resource Services for Families.

After graduating in 2015, I moved to Victoria to work for Island Community Mental Health as a nurse manager. I was able to use the knowledge and skills gained in the master’s program in areas such as human resources management, strategic financing, budgeting and marketing, while continuing to work directly with vulnerable young adults and empowering them to make some positive changes in their lives.

Recently, I started a new position as director of wellness for Amica at Douglas House. I’m also considering partnering with a former co-worker on some short-term global work on HIV prevention in Fiji and contemplating pursuing a PhD in public health. One of the things I’ve always liked about nursing is that it allows you to make a living while making a difference in the world.

– Dennis C. Año, RN(C), BScN, MBA, MScIB
Victoria, B.C.

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