Oct 06, 2016

Calculations: October is Influenza Immunization Awareness Month

≤7 million: Number of Canadians who get the flu each year (source)

12,200: Estimated number of hospitalizations caused by influenza in Canada in any given year (source)

3,500: Estimated number of deaths attributable to the flu in Canada in any given year (source)

5-9: Age of those who are at highest risk of influenza infection (source)

<2 and >65: Ages of those who are at highest risk of serious illness and death from the flu (source)

1-4: Number of days it takes for flu symptoms to appear after exposure (source)

24: Number of hours during which the flu can be spread before symptoms start (source)

7-10: Number of days it takes for most people to recover from the flu (source)

1946: First year the flu vaccine was routinely administered in Canada (source)

9,537,957: Number of Canadians who reported getting a flu shot in 2014 (source)

40%-60%: Historical average rate of immunization for most health-care organizations (source)

5 in 12: Number of flu seasons from 2001-2002 through 2012-2013 in which the B lineage antigens in the vaccine matched the circulating strains of influenza B (source)

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