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Make room for imagination

I was reminded while reading “The Practical Side of Research” (Feature, October) that each decision I make in nursing is based on my own or someone else’s research: what drug I administer, how I understand health, even how I interpret the personal stories patients share with me. As a PhD candidate working in patient care, I have become keenly aware of how research informs our practice, enhances our decision-making and grounds our profession. I see it as an integral part of each of us; like the bones that form our bodies, research is the structure that stabilizes our practice. Whether we believe there is greater value in numbers or in stories, all forms of information contribute to the picture we create that frames our image of the world. The intersection between nursing and research is one that needs more recognition, support and awareness. Let’s demystify research, review content and evaluate processes, empowering ourselves to let go of old habits to make room for all-inclusive ways of knowing. It’s fun to get creative, delve deeper into topics and issues that interest us, collaborate with colleagues and generate new knowledge that enriches our work environment. It was Einstein who said, “Imagination is the highest form of research.”

– Clare Koning, RN, MN
Kelowna, B.C.

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