Mar 01, 2016

Calculations: Refugees by the numbers

1 in 122: Number of people worldwide who are displaced from their homes (source)

126,000: Number of refugees who were able to return to their home country in 2014 (source)

25%: Percentage of refugees who are Syrian (source)

95%: Percentage of Syrian refugees located in surrounding countries (source)

51%: Percentage of refugees who are under 18 years old (source)

1/4: Proportion of refugee households that are headed by women (source)

1st: Ranking of Turkey as the country hosting the highest number of refugees (1.84 million) (source)

1776: Year that 3,000 Black Loyalists (freemen and slaves) fled the American Revolution and became Canada’s first refugees (source)

170,000: Number of Ukrainians who sought refuge in Canada from Austro-Hungarian rule, beginning in 1891 (source)

250,000: Number of displaced people from central and eastern Europe who came to Canada between 1947 and 1952 (source)

>60,000: Number of “Boat People” who found refuge in Canada in 1979 and 1980 after the Vietnam War (source)

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