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A fond reflection

Thank you for “Thinking on Our Feet” (Reflection, January). The story, in essence, is about how a group of nursing students rose to a challenge in the case of a sudden death. I should say that I am a former student of the author, Linda Gomez, and as she told the story I could picture her giving the students gentle guidance and room to manage the situation in their best way. What comes through most powerfully for me is her regard for the students as individuals and her appreciative way of viewing the situation.

Linda taught me in one of my first nursing classes in the fall of 2000. As a class, we laughed, we cried and we shared pieces of ourselves. At the end of the semester, Linda wrote the class a letter that described how we, as a group and as individuals, had impacted her. I have cried more than once reading it. Sixteen years later, I am a nurse educator, and the letter is tacked to the bulletin board in my office. It is a reminder of how Linda taught us not only how to be nurses, but also how to be better and kinder human beings.

– Michelle Seibel, RN, BN, MA
Kamloops, B.C.

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