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“Political” issue a hit

Congratulations on the January issue. What a great way to start the year.
It was marvelous to see nurse MPs on the front cover (was that a first?) and have someone writing about federal policies that may affect nursing and our roles.

The feature article on the new government was easy and fun to read, kept me focused and was full of pertinent info for all your readers — not just those who live and breathe policy. Keep up the good work!

– Diane Clements, BScN, MN
Victoria, B.C.

I want to extend my note of appreciation for the January issue. It had several timely pieces on primary care, and I particularly enjoyed the report of the meetings with the Liberal members of Parliament, their activities and their stated positions relevant to health care.

I do hope you are able to maintain monitoring the activities of our national government, especially as they relate to health care.

– Marian McGee, B.N.Sc., DrPH
Ottawa, Ont.

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