Bringing down the barriers

October 2015   Comments

Thank you for the article on the collaboration between CNA and the Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses (CNA Now, June) to resolve the issue with Veterans Affairs Canada.

I am a nurse practitioner working in Ontario. I recently met with my member of Parliament to discuss federal barriers to NP practice, specifically the lack of authority to distribute samples of medications, even though NPs are allowed to prescribe the medications themselves. Additionally, the federal government does not accept medical notes and health forms I have signed for patients who are federal government employees; NPs do not have the authority to complete these documents (even though we are authorized to complete Workplace Safety and Insurance Board forms in Ontario).

I would welcome any additional advocacy and collaboration from nursing associations that would benefit our patients.

– Claudia Mariano, M.Sc., NP-PHC, CDE
Pickering, Ont.
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