Speaking for ourselves

November 2015   Comments

Are you kidding me? Virginia St-Denis’s article “Election winner needs to lead health-system innovation, panellists agree” (October) reports that the panellists represented the Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Medical Association, College of Family Physicians of Canada and University of Ottawa’s Telfer school of management.

In “Platform 2015 Health: Perspectives from CNA and CFNU,” our CEO stated that the event was co-sponsored by CNA and that “there may not have been any nurses on the…panel discussing health and health-care issues, but CNA’s priorities were covered.”

Here are my questions: why would CNA co-sponsor a panel that did not include nurses? How much did it cost to co-sponsor? Why are we letting others present our issues?

Our role in this event demonstrates how we as nurses allow the medical and business professions to dominate us, even while co-sponsoring an event with them! I thought we were more advanced than that.

Come on, CNA. Let’s be more assertive and speak for ourselves!

– Shelagh Brennan, RN, MsN
Langley, B.C.

Editor’s Note: The panel was finalized prior to CNA having knowledge that it was going to take place. Our investment in sponsoring the event resulted in having our views shared with a specific audience that would not have been aware of either the organization or our positions prior, as well as becoming a go-to resource for input in the future. At times we simply have to crash the party and invite ourselves so we can be heard and acknowledged.

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