Nov 01, 2015

Calculations: November is Lung Month

22,000: Number of times we breathe each day (source)

~2,400: Number of kilometres of airways in our lungs (source)

$12 billion: Cost to the economy of lung cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2010 (source)

$3.4 billion: Direct costs of hospitalizations, physicians and medications (source)

$8.6 billion: Indirect costs as a result of premature death and long-term disability (source)

>6%: Percentage of annual health-care costs in 2010 attributed to chronic lung disease (source)

2,448,817: Number of Canadians age 12 and older in 2014 who reported being diagnosed with asthma (source)

242,074: Number of Canadian deaths caused by respiratory diseases in 2011 (source)

26,100: Number of Canadians estimated to be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014 (source)

27%: Percentage of all cancer deaths in 2014 that were expected to be related to lung cancer (source)

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