The words we use

May 2015   Comments

I just wanted to comment on the Feedback response (March) from Maureen Wallace, in which she used the term frequent flyers. I was surprised (actually shocked) that you would print such a thing. This label goes against all that we as nurses try to accomplish. Looking back at the Nurse to Know profile in the January issue, I saw that Gina Browne had used the more appropriate terms frequent users, repeat users, frequent health-care seekers and repeat health-care users.

Browne’s work focuses on what is wrong with the system and how it can put people into “revolving door” situations. Of course, some people do need more support. By bringing them back into different programs for followup at regular intervals, we may be alleviating the isolation they feel in coping with their disease. 

– Nicole Tansil, RN, BScN, M.Ed.
Toronto, Ont.

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