Forensic nursing showcased

June 2015   Comments

I was very happy to see an article on forensic nursing (Nurse to Know, May). Sheila Early was an early mentor of mine, and she is a tireless advocate for the forensic nursing role. Although sexual assault nurse examiners are the most well-known of forensic nurses, there are many other applications of forensic expertise in a variety of settings and roles. Forensic nurses can improve outcomes and have a positive impact in such areas as child and elder abuse and neglect, death investigation, corrections, psychiatric settings and legal nurse consulting. Sheila inspired me to apply forensic nursing expertise in a non-traditional setting — occupational accident investigations — with great success. I hope CNA and Canadian Nurse will continue to raise awareness about this specialty area.

– Colin Harris, MSN, B.Sc.(Crim), RN, AFN-BC, F-ABMDI
Coquitlam, B.C.
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