Outreach to seniors

May 2015   Comments

I love receiving Canadian Nurse and reading it from cover to cover. Please continue to feature “From the pages of…” articles (Reflection, April). These articles attest to the dedication and determination of nurses throughout history who have cared for patients in a wide variety of circumstances, some of which were obviously very difficult. 

The April issue focus on seniors could not have come at a more opportune time. With spring upon us, many seniors can now get out and enjoy the many programs being offered. Others, however, cannot. Physical limitations, lack of financial resources and transportation, social isolation, and caregiver responsibilities can all be impediments to seniors, who may not even be aware of existing programs. Regardless of where they reside — single-family dwellings, group homes, long-term care facilities or hospital settings — we are there, addressing our patients’ needs with advocacy, referral and followup. We may not have to wear snowshoes to get to our patients, as one of the Reflection articles informed us, but our dedication and determination to provide care to all, from birth to death, continues.

– Tina Colonnese, RN, B.(Health) Admin., GNC(C)
Ottawa, Ont.

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