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Plan for success


To make a difference you need a plan.

With that said, I am pleased to share CNA’s strategic plan for 2015-2019.

At its core, it’s a plan for results. CNA’s board and staff have spent the past year deliberating about where CNA and RNs can make a meaningful difference to the profession and the health system while mapping out steps to achieve specific outcomes. This process included thoughtful consultations with our members and the public along with extensive interviews with key health leaders.

Our strategic plan is centred on bringing a greater appreciation of primary health care to Canada. As both a philosophy and an approach, primary health care works to prevent illness and promote health under five types of care: promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and supportive/palliative.

Primary health care is not new. It’s been touted as the solution for a sustainable health system for decades now — but the uptake hasn’t matched the enthusiasm. We believe nurses are the key to propelling the work forward.

CNA knows it will accomplish this goal only with the help of our members. The RN profession has a wealth of knowledge and experience in primary health care that is crucial for advancing our policy and advocacy efforts, building nursing capacity and leading this system-wide shift.

In future issues, you’ll be getting a closer examination of primary health care, how nurses embody the approach and what it means for Canada’s population and the health system. For now, I’m happy to share the objectives and strategies of our plan.

Anne Sutherland Boal, RN, BA, MHSA

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