Calculations: May is Speech and Hearing Month

May 2015   Comments

1 in 6: Number of Canadians with a speech, language or hearing disorder (source)

5%: Percentage of people worldwide who have a disabling hearing loss (source)

1/2: Proportion of cases of hearing loss that are preventable (source)

90%: Percentage of Canadians with a hearing loss who could benefit from a hearing aid, counselling or environmental changes (source)

33%: Percentage of employed Canadians with a hearing difficulty in 2006 who said their condition limited the amount or kind of work they could perform (source)

40%: Estimated percentage of U.S. veterans who are affected by tinnitus (source)

50: Number of different sounds that people with tinnitus have described hearing (source)

5%: Approximate percentage of U.S. first graders who have noticeable speech disorders (source)

1 in 5: Number of Canadians with a hearing difficulty who did not complete their education because of their condition (source)

85%: Percentage of people with Parkinson’s disease who have voice, speech and/or swallowing difficulties (source)

30%: Percentage of people who experience aphasia after a stroke (source)

>100: Number of distinct signed languages around the world (source)

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