Jun 01, 2012

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

7.1: Average thickness, in millimetres, of a woman’s skull

6.5: Average thickness, in millimetres, of a man’s skull

75%: Percentage of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. classified as mild (defined as a brief change in mental status or consciousness)

46: Number of hospital admissions for traumatic head injury each day in Canada in 2003-2004

91%: Percentage of traumatic head injuries in Canada in 2003-2004 that were traumatic brain injuries — that is, acquired injuries caused when a sudden trauma damages the brain

29%: Percentage of those admitted to hospital with a traumatic head injury in Canada in 2003-2004 who are over 60 years old

53%: Percentage of respondents who reported having a traumatic brain injury during their lifetime, in a 2004-2005 Toronto study of homeless people

70%: Percentage of those respondents whose first traumatic brain injury occurred before they became homeless

559: Number of concussions reported by team physicians in NHL players in 1997-2004 regular season games

81%: Percentage of Canadians who say hockey would be better off if the NHL cracked down on head shots

1995: Year a bike helmet law for riders under 18 came into effect in Ontario

52%: Percentage reduction in bicycle-related deaths per year for children under 15 since the introduction of Ontario’s bike helmet law

6: Number of provinces and territories that have bike helmet laws: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario

$16.99: Starting price of a bike helmet on Amazon.ca

Sources: Canadian Institute for Health Information, Angus Reid Public Opinion, University of Calgary Faculty of Kinesiology, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Injury Prevention, Amazon.ca, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Pediatrics, ScienceDaily

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